Items Wanted in St Charles, MO

I would like one set of clothing (maybe a dress and diaper or underpants) for a 10 inch Gerber baby doll. I have a 10 inch Gerber baby doll that was mine and I would like to give it to my granddaughter, but I need some clothes for the doll. Thank you very much!
Wanted Laptops Desktops Tablets-Windows-Apple-Android Computers are my hobby and my obsession. Some I keep for my collection. Some I give away to people who need them. Others I sell off For parts and stuff. All Units That I Recieve Will Have The Drives Thoroughly Wiped No Information Will Be Retained Or Recoverable. Thanks.
FREE Unwanted Appliance Removal from your Driveway!Ron's Recycle Service 3 1 4 - 7 0 3 - 8 6 0 2Text or Call with what kind of Appliance(s) you have and area you are In with zip code. we will give you a time and day with a 2 hour window when your Appliance(s) will be removed.It doesn't get any Easlier than this! and It's Free!Place Appliance(s) by your garage or carport and we'll do the rest!.....
Someone was nice enough to gift me some curtains however they all require the more expensive type of rods which I cannot afford right now. I need 6 that extend out to 50-60 inches in length for both sides of the panels and one that extends at least 100 inches in length for our patio door but 50 on each side would work as well. If anyone has any to part with I would be so very grateful. Thank you.
I'm looking for some chicken wire and posts to enclose a veggie garden. I need 36in wide x 75 ft. I will come pick it up.
Looking for some newspaper. I need about two to three weeks worth.
Something in nice condition, if possible
If you have any of these to spare please let me know!
Looking for a piano bench
Hello! Due to allergies, I feed my dog a homemade diet made of raw meat. If you have any unwanted old or freezer burned raw meat or any scraps from game from this hunting season, please don't let it go to waste! I will be happy to come pick it up, and my dog would greatly appreciate it! I can use anything that is not cooked and not seasoned, including bones and organs. If you need to clean up y...
Description: I am looking to buy any Lancer parts that you have for sale within reason to add to my car as upgrades. This means that I am looking for performance parts and visual parts only, no stock parts thank you. If you have anything I may take interest in, email me at horizon314@hotmail.com
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